How to Unlock Costumes (Batman Arkham Origins)

How to Unlock Costumes :

 Unlock Costumes

Unlock Costumes (Batman Arkham Origins)

You need to complete a task to unlock a costume

  1. Blackest Night: Play the Multiplayer mode, earn prestige.
  2. Dark Knight: Finish all Dark Knight challenges
  3. Injustice: Play channel mode, earn all medals
  4. New 52 Graphic: Capture all of the MOST WANTED
  5. Noel: Part of New Millennium Pack, locate all the Enigma Datapacks
  6. One Million: Register a WBID account
  7. Batman Earth 2: Comes with Batman Legends Pack.
  8. Batman Thrillkiller: Part of Batman Legends Pack
  9. The Dark Knight of the round table: Comes with Batman Legends Pack
  10. The Long Holloween: Comes with Batman Legends Pack
  11. Deathstroke: Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop etc. pre-order bonus
  12. Classic Tim Drake Robin: Infinite Earths Pack
  13. Earth-2 Bruce Wayne: Infinite Earths Pack
  14. Adam West Batman: Knightfall Pack
  15. Knifghtfall Batman: Knifghtfall Pack
  16. Blackets Night Tim Drake Robin: Part of the millennium pack
  17. First Appearance: Part of the Millennium Pack
  18. New 52: Part of the Millennium Pack
  19. Red Son: Part of the Millennium Pack

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