Download: The Walking Dead 400 Days Trailer, Short Story, Achievements

The walking dead 400 days

The walking dead 400 days

The Walking dead 400 days is one of the part of series of game named as The Walking Dead. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead series then you must have played the game as well, The Walking Dead 400 days is a stand-alone DLC to the season 1. It was released on July 2nd for PS3 and July 3rd for the PC.

Minimum System Requirements of   The Walking Dead 400 Days

CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 or higher

VGA: Nvidia/ATI 512 ram or more


Memory: 3GB

OS: Windows XP

Recommended System Requirements  The Walking Dead 400 Days

OS: Windows 7

Processor: C2D 2GHZ or more

Memory: 3GB RAM


VGA: NVIDIA/ATI with 1024 ram

Trailer of  The Walking Dead 400 Days

The scenario is based on a truck stop called Gil’s Pitstop situated on the Georgia highway. You play with a total of five survivors, each with his own different story which are connected to one-another somehow. The decisions effect the upcoming moments of the game and you’ll be controlling one leading character for each chapter. After playing the previous episodes, you know that you don’t have much time to choose between life-saving decisions.

Major Characters of walking dead 400 days :

Vince: His story starts at day 2 after he has been arrested and the zombie apocalypse is new.

vince (The walking dead)

Character Vince from The walking dead

Wyatt: Day 41, He and his companion escape into a foggy forest.


Character Wyatt from The walking dead

Russel: Day 184 – Russel gets in touch with an unstable stranger on the Georgia road.

Character Russel from The walking dead

Character Russel from The walking dead

Shel: Shel and her sister try to create a refuge in the truck stop.

Character Shel from The walking dead

Character Shel from The walking dead

Bonnie: Bonnie is a mid to late women and she meets other main characters at campsite when a women named Tavia takes her to campsite and tells her that its a safe heaven.

Character Bonnie from The walking dead

Character Bonnie from The walking dead

The focus is on the characters, not the zombies so you’ll find it far more interesting. There are different puzzles to solve and to sum it up, the game is pretty much the money it asks for.


You get Gamerscore points for completing the following

Chain Gang

10 points for completing Vince’s chapter.


10 points for completing Wyatt’s chapter.


Friends Like These

10 points for completing Russell’s chapter.

Who Goes There?

10 points for completing Bonnie’s chapter.

Paradise Lost

10 points for completing Shel’s chapter.

Loose Ends

25 points for completing the Epilogue.

Two out of three

15 points for winning a game of Rock, Paper and scissors.


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