What is Wifi Hotspot and How to use Android as Portable Wifi Hospot

First let me tell you guys that what is Wifi Hotspot and how Android Phones work like Wifi Hotspot. Hotspot is basically a site which provides internet access through the local area network (WLAN) by using a router which is connected to a link that offers internet services.Wifi Hotspot by itself is an accessible network area which is an extraordinary techie available in the advanced new coming Android Phones, with the help of Wifi Hotspot you can share internet between many device and also use in your own device at the same time.you will find that your Android Phone is working like a wifi router itself and sharing internet between many of wifi devices.

How to use Android Phones as Wifi Hotspot

Its really great when you are using internet on your Android Phone and some times you have to share internet connection with a tablet or a laptop.You can do it by using your Android Phone as Wifi Hotspot.The way to proceed is that turn  on your Android Phone into a personal Wifi Hotspot, its call Tethering.Most of the carriers do not offers tethering free of cost so there are some apps that can create Hotspot without extra fees, there are some Best Tethering App for Android Phones that you can search in Google Play. But carriers don’t like it because this is a bad way.

How to setup Android Phone as Wifi Hotspot

Its very simple just follow the very simple steps.

1- At the very first just go to the settings and further on go to the wireless and network settings.

wirless and networks

wireless and network settings in Android

2- Now tap to the third option named as ” Tethering and Portable Hotspot ” to proceed the settings, and u will see an interface given below.

what is Wifi Hotspot

Tethering and Portable Wifi Hotspot

3- After this you just have to turn on the portable Wifi Hotspot .

How to use Android as Portable Wifi Hospot

Turn on Portable Wifi Hotspot window

For Tethering you may  have to contact with the carrier so that they provide you the access to the personal Hotspot

How to connect to devices ?

You can connect many devices in three proper ways like by using Wifi, Bluetooth or a Hard wire with your phone and the device you want  to connect.It is as simple as you connect your laptop or tablet to the Wifi router.when you will establish the personal Wifi Hotspot on your Android Phone then you can connect  with other devices like tablet and laptop.your laptop or tablet will find your phone in the same way as its sees other Wifi Networks or  router.If you want to access your mobile network do the same thing as you normally  do to add a network in your tablet, laptop or gaming devices.

Security for Wifi Hotspot

If you don’t want to show an open broadcast of your personal Wifi Hotspot to every one just go to the setting where you setup the Wifi Hotspot and add a password to your Hotspot to hide the open source.

Battery consumption while using Android Phones Wifi Hotspot

The Broadcasting of your Wifi Hotspot will eat your Battery like crazy you have check that your Phone would have a good backup of battery or it would be plugged  in.

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