XaDay The Best App of the day for Organizing Photos and Media

This is an awesome app download it from google play its free! Enjoy

With the new app for Android devices called XaDay you can manage your photos and albums with one simple click. The app is simple to use and comes available free of charge, moving your photos from an album to another has never been easier.

The XaDay app comes hosting the XaDay Pipeline feature

, via this feature you can open your photos and albums in a pipeline and move photos from an album to another just by selecting particular photos. The app also comes with built-in customizable features that enable you to pre-configure its smart XaDay Album Picker settings and to choose one of the four most commonly used albums to load, via this support you save your time.

XaDay App

This app is specially made to arrange all of your albums, like your wedding album, selfie’s album, trip album and any other you have created on your own. To make XaDay pipeline, a particular album of your choice go to XaDay’s Settings and configure XaDay to pipeline photos from your to-be-arranged photo album only. If you mistakenly moved a photo to an album, easily undo the move using the XaDay History Widget.

The XaDay is available for installations via Google Play Store and it is offered for free.


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